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The pillars of the contents of Beatable Games and responsible for the editorial staff are  Dr. Domenico Vallesurda and Stefek. 



Domenico Vallesurda

He is FM's closest collaborator, for years one of the most renowned casino game professionals, resides in Monte Carlo and divides his time between European casinos and Las Vegas, where he can be found at the high stakes tables of BlackJack, Roulette and Baccarat.

Graduated with top marks in science and qualified to teach mathematics, he is a great scholar of mathematics applied to games, has been a collaborator for years  of the most important sector magazines and has published various gaming techniques.

In recent years he has dedicated himself to the study and practice of Black Jack  played both 

in cash game mode what a tournament. The results obtained lead him to be 

Absolutely one of the greatest interpreters of this game.



Doctor in Economics and Commerce, he began studying roulette and its dynamics in 1992  with a strictly mathematical approach. He writes several articles in specialized magazines and his first technical manual deals with the modification of Lorenzo Della Moglie's famous system, which revolutionized the entire gaming system and achieved significant results on the field . A professional in the field of betting between the '90s and '00s, he adopts a gaming style totally based on the dynamics of market trends in odds, with double-digit percentage returns. In that period he wrote an educational manual "Betting with method" which serves as a guide for those who want to approach the world of betting in a technical and conscious way. In the following years he dedicated himself to cash management methodologies applied to games (what are popularly called "financial maneuvers"), publishing "Flex", a solid and totally flexible methodology, which can be adopted to manage the bets of any game (roulette , bets, 30/40, ...).



The collaborators of the editorial team, including, antonioo, domcaiolo, arcane are players with high experience in the sectors  of their expertise: poker professionals and all related disciplines, experts in the field of betting and university professors of mathematics, statistics and computer science .

Beatable Games is therefore a team of highly qualified professionals who make their knowledge available to the entire project with the aim of sharing that passion that has determined the successes of a lifetime.


Who is Domenico Vallesurda?

The word to him:

"I'm certainly not a professional roulette player (Domcaiolo isn't, FM isn't, Stefek isn't). I also play roulette, occasionally, it's a hobby, a pleasure (I like playing too... arcane instead if it doesn't have a positive EV it wouldn't put a euro on the table). And it costs me (much less than the hobby of cars) little, but it costs me. And it costs everyone who goes to play pre-launch (I exclude game hunters biased and comp.) Playing Marigny, Papi or, ANY known system or what instinct suggests (for the same volume of play) is the same.


I often also play post-launch, applying VB techniques or, much better, the theory of Consequential Generation. These games are not a hobby (they are tiring) but are research, a study, a means of speculating. And they make money for me. But even these are not a profession. Is GC a winning technique? In my opinion yes, but I will never be able to prove it: the data in our possession are still not significant and above all not reproducible. The very fact that the data is not reproducible excludes the commercialization of the technique itself (unlike those who sell smoke, if we sell something, we sell facts). Probably sooner or later I will write a text, sold at the cost of a text, where in addition to dealing with statistics, biased, visual and instrumental prediction, I will also include a chapter on technique.

However, I am a gaming professional: my income all comes from direct gaming or related activities (BJ, comp games, rep activities, consultancy for players and casinos, etc.). All done with the utmost intellectual honesty (unlike those who sell systems).


Are there professional roulette players?

Yes, and I know several of them (some of which make use of my consultancy) but only with instrumental prediction, a technique to which I have been dedicating many hours of my day for years and in which I believe I have reached very high levels. But here too, stay away from smoke sellers (all of them): whoever develops a winning predictive technique keeps it, not sells it.


Throw professionals?

I don't know any, according to rumors there are dozens of them (kruger, theo, dexter, sommo etc...) but in fact........ The majority of them consider roulette a generator that is not always random. Fascinating hypothesis but far-fetched (until proven otherwise).

Regarding our forums and sites, there will be many changes, while on the one hand hobbyists will be able to continue talking about their techniques, or their concepts in a healthy environment (much more weight will be given to etiquette) in dedicated spaces, the professionals and those aspiring to do so will find suitable sections.


We also evaluate collaboration proposals.


Domenico Vallesurda