Camoufflage al blackjack


Everyone knows that Blackjack is a beatable game, including casino managers.


Thus, it's evident that counters, given that the casino is not a charity, are unwelcome. When a player is identified by the surveillance team as a counter, the establishment employs various strategies to complicate their efforts. For example, some casinos, upon detecting a counter, may decrease deck penetration to around 50%, thereby rendering any significant advantage "improbable."


Many casinos, with varying degrees of politeness, suggest that the unfortunate speculator switches games or may even prohibit them from entering.


The secret to "surviving" as a counter is to avoid detection.


The most common giveaway for a counter is betting variation. It's wise not to overdo the spread and to keep bet changes as subtle as possible, even at the expense of profits. This strategy creates the illusion of behaving like many other gamblers, who alternate between winning and losing streaks with apparent randomness.


With some experience, one can learn to "move the chips" in a manner that seems entirely natural.


To further avoid appearing as a counter, it is ESSENTIAL to blend in with the table dynamics (although this might hinder counting efforts). This means celebrating wins or lamenting losses, encouraging the dealer to bust, calling for the card you want, and critiquing (without going overboard and always in a polite manner) players whose poor decisions seem to "help" the dealer (although it's a myth that such actions affect your odds of winning). Engaging in conversation with those around you and enjoying a few drinks (without overindulging) are also good strategies.


Even showing affection to your partner, especially if she's attractive, can be a clever distraction.


What you should avoid, however, is entering a casino alone, sitting down with utmost focus on the cards, possibly tracking the deal with head nods or mouthing numbers, not interacting with anyone, and suddenly increasing your bets from €10 to €200!


Such behavior essentially broadcasts "aspiring (very much so) counter" for everyone to see!