House Advantage al Blackjack

 The house advantage (HA) is the percentage of the total amount wagered that the house "expects" to win in the long run. For example, if the house advantage is 2.7%, as in the case of roulette, it means that on average, the house can expect to win (and the player can expect to lose) 2.7% of the total volume of bets placed.


In the case of blackjack, we consider this advantage in relation to the initial bet of a player applying the basic strategy. If the HA is negative, it means that the house plays at a disadvantage (which happens when "professional" blackjack players are involved).


You mentioned that you have developed a "calculator" that, by setting the specific game rules, provides the house advantage related to those specific rules. The calculator gives four values:


1. Advantage in a game with a cut card.

2. Advantage in a game with continuous shuffling.

3. Advantage in a game with a cut card applying composition-dependent exceptions (CD).

4. Advantage in a game with continuous shuffling applying CD exceptions.


It will be online soon!