Roulette: Greats from the past

For more than 100 years, great mathematicians, very strong players and illustrious unknowns have tried their hand at studying roulette, dedicating years and resources.

In this section we offer an overview of those who in our opinion were the greatest. 

We propose the key principles of their thinking which, we hope, will be very useful for further study and practical applications.


It is obviously worth underlining the fact that these illustrious figures published, in some cases, thousands of pages (including books and articles).

We therefore do not presume to summarize these studies in a few lines.


The meaning of this section is therefore to illustrate some key principles of the thought of some great scholars, referring to the works of the individuals for further insights.

The reader should not be shocked to find authentic scientists like E. Thorp (also great in the present!) alongside players (who contributed nothing) like the Marquis D'Argo. The purpose of the section is only to present characters who, in one way or another, have made "the history" of the game.


Here some of the most popular scholars of the past: