Traveling for gambling


Traveling for gaming can be, not just fun, but very convenient as well: thanks to a network of international agents  we are able to offer players reimbursement of air expenses, full hospitality, promotional chips, free participation in tournaments and many other advantages . 

The conditions depend on the policy of the specific casino and, of course, on the player's level.


Some of our favorite destinations:



Bahamas,  BahaMar, Nassau Atlantis.


Dominican Republic, Punta Cana (Hard Rock)



Nevada: Las Vegas (almost all casinos)

New Jersey: Atlantic City (Caesars)

Mashantucket: (Foxwoods)

Connecticut: (Mohegan Sun)



Panama (Sortis Casino, Veneto Panama City)

Uruguay (Enjoy Resort & Casino, Punta Del Est)



Italy, Venice (Casinò Venezia), Saint Vincent.

Principality of Monaco (Monte Carlo Casino).

UK, London (Les Ambassadeurs).

Slovenia (Pearl and Park).
Malta (Dragonara, Portomaso)


We have contacts in many other locations (Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Greece, etc.) and contracts with major cruise companies: Contact us for details.


For any information and/or request:


info @ 



The porteur o rep

This is a figure whose function is to introduce customers to the casino.


 In Europe, especially France and Italy, there is a tendency to define the casino agent as a porteur, using a French term. In English-speaking countries, they are defined as Rep (short for Representative) or Independent Agent or Junket, a word of Chinese origin, widely used in Asia and the USA, derived from Jin - introduction - and ke - customers. In Hispanic-speaking countries, the agent is usually referred to as a Representante Independiente.


The largest casinos in the world have rep contracts based on play volume (NOT LOSSES). In Las Vegas, for example, these contracts are approved by the strict Gaming Board.


 The rep receives a profit from the casino, not the player, and very few players of a certain level go to a casino without the introduction of the agent. The services and facilities offered by the Agent are so numerous that, in my opinion, it would be naive not to take advantage of them. In addition, the rep sometimes gives part of the money he receives from the casino to the customer himself (in cash or in the form of gifts).


A wise (and correct) rep will hardly advise the customer on what to play, and even harder to urge him to play more than he can: a ruined customer ceases to be a customer, and therefore ceases to make money. In addition, a client who loses following the "advice" of the rep could (rightly, I might add) hold the rep responsible and end the cooperation and go to another agent.


A reputable rep is a great ally and resource for the player.




Some casinos make contract on losses. Also in this case the rep offers countless benefits to the customer. For example, when I decide to go to these casinos, in order to take all possible benefits, I make an agreement with the rep: if I lose and he cashes in, I get 50% of his earnings.